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Hi I'm Jenn, how can I be a help to you?

Hi I'm Jenn, how can we be a help to you?

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There are many reasons why families choose homeschooling, but none more than the amount of time and attention it will provide your own children. I am a mom of two, and bonus mom to two more. Having a blended family while homeschooling has definetly been a whirlwind, but it has required me to discover the best of what homeschooling can become for my children, and our family. Consider downloading my Homeschooling 101 Starter Guide.

A Little About Our Community

Welcome to A Humbled Homemaker's Community

A place where women of faith can be supported, encouraged, and grow in their walk of Homemaking, and Homeschooling. I am so happy you are here! Loving Christ first, family as our ministry, and raising Disciples.

My desire is that you find friendship, encouragement, and provision for making your home, and homeschooling journey fruitful, productive, and beautiful. We are the homemakers, gathered for good by Gods grace, and calling for us.

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What Is Homemaking?

Homemaking is more than just about keeping a clean house. Homemaking is the art of purposeful servitude. God has designed our role as keeper of our home, dedicated to serving our families through nurture and care. We ensure that our home is a place of comfort and rest to all who enter it.

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Why Would I consider homeschool?

We have the ability to raise our children with the foundation of our faith. We are able to equip our children with the importance of understanding creation, understand their value in Gods image, learn how to defend their faith, and inherit value of all of those around them.

Can I Homeschool with A Blended Family?

When Is A Good Time To Begin Your Homeschooling Journey?

What Is De-schooling?

How Important Is Curriculum?

Can You Teach multiple Grades With One Curriculum?

Would I Be Able To Implement Christian Curriculum When Enrolled In A Charter Program?

What Is The Difference Between PSA And PSP?

What Does It Cost To Homeschool?

What Are The Drawbacks of Homeschooling?

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How Do I get Started?

What Ways Can I Get Connected And Build Community Around Homeschooling?